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-Coffee Cuff- I ♥ This Etsy Shop | Rochester, NY Photgrapher

Ever go through the drive through to order your hot beverage and they hand out the window your coffee like it's almost cold.. UNTILL you grab it and it practically BURNS your hands??? and of course most places don't have those cool little cardboard holders... Well LOOK NO more :)


Don't be too Jealous! :)This makes a perfect gift for a friend or for yourself. For $7 plus shipping you get to design your own Colors... Not really into Photography but you really like this... No problem. LittlebirdCreations makes these in so many cute styles.... Check her site out and pick one or two up while you are there.


Check out her shop : Littlebirdcreations

Go here to go straight to Design Your Own I Heart Photography Coffee Cuff

This Cuff is hand made and is done very nicely...
** BY THE WAY** I bought one and loved it and that is why I wrote this write up.. I do not know her personally nor do I have any connections other than making a purchase with Littlebirdcreations... Enjoy and I hope you go over and get one for yourself! :)



Rachel said...

Cute! I might try to make one...looks really easy. :-)